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Archive for April 2018

Low Carb Chicken & Spinach Soup

Many people today are trying to cut out carbohydrates from their diet, or at least reduce them. There is some evidence that eating low carbs is a healthier way to eat, although there are some that dispute this. Nevertheless, people are looking for low carb foods and recipes. Many of the chicken soup recipes call…

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Now Sending To Ireland & The UK!

After a very serious inquiry from a UK Citizen in England about KirIan Greek oregano, we’ve decided to open up our shopping cart to shipping addresses in both the UK and Ireland! There were several reasons for not doing this in the first place including: Wanting to make sure we had everything in order and…

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Egg Salad With Greek Oregano

Eggs: The Perfect Food? For many years, do to the amount of cholesterol in eggs, the medical establishment convinced many people to limit their weekly egg consumption. Thankfully, that advice is now being turned around as we learn more about fats in general and the health benefits of consuming more eggs. While eggs may be…

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Garlic & Potato Soup With Oregano

It’s been a very cold start to April this year, with temperatures still hanging below freezing in Orangeville, ON. I was thinking of what I could make that would be “warming” when I was reminded of Kiriaki telling me about a soup she had while on one of her travels – garlic soup. Apparently, there…

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Guelph Greek Oregano Delivery

Today, we’re driving to Guelph to make a delivery of our beautiful KirIan dried Greek oregano. Look at that photo! See what a beautiful green colour that is? That is how true dried oregano should look! Most of the oregano available in grocery stores and supermarkets really is pathetic by comparison, in appearance and both…

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