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Archive for July 2018

Vegetarian Tomato/Zucchini Burgers Or Tomato Balls

A very tasty vegetarian recipe, just in from Kiriaki – she made these for her dad in Athens today and they were loved! At this time of the year, zucchini is being harvested and many of us have lots of it! Here’s a fantastic way to turn all that zucchini into something a bit different…

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Bolognese Sauce On Mini (Or Not ) Souvlaki Pies

Yummy and fast! Your kids will love it and so will you!! INGREDIENTS ( for 4 people ) 500 gr ground beef 1 medium sized onion diced 1 garlic clove finely chopped 1 tbs tomato paste 1 cinnamon stick 2 tsp Kirian Greek Oregano 3 whole canned tomatoes mashed the leaves of half a bunch…

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Greek Fire Tragedy – We’re Going To Help

The news from Greece is just horrible. In fires that were most likely caused by arson, over 80 people have been killed (and possibly more not yet found), while entire villages have been destroyed. It is hard to fathom the destruction that has occurred. As I speak with Kiriaki who is in Greece at this…

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Smen – Moroccan Preserved Aged Butter

Moroccan smen – You might be wondering why a website focusing on Greek herbs and products would publish a recipe that is Moroccan based. Well, this widely used pantry item contains oregano, and Greek oregano makes it even better! Aged or preserved butter may not be a common item in North American kitchens, but is…

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