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Archive for November 2018

Homemade Pork Gyros – For Greek Souvlaki

The other day, we had a craving for Greek pork souvlaki, but there is no restaraunt close by that makes a genuine Greek souvlaki in town. A couple of fast food places claim to offer souvlaki, but it’s nothing like what you would find in Athens, Greece. Pork souvlaki is generally made with pork gyros…

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Greek Pita For Souvlaki

There are several different ways to make Greek pita for souvlaki, and you can find different ingredients (some use milk, some don’t, some use herbs such as thyme, some don’t), but we really like this particular method. The addition of thyme gives a very nice subtle flavour and goes with almost anything you’d use the…

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Onion Dolma (Stuffed Onion With Ground Beef)

The island of Lesvos has been a meeting point for many civilizations and traditions. In the passing of the centuries, from that combination, miracles have been made, small and big ones. The historical fate of the island was meaning for its people to live difficult times with dramatic occurrences but long periods of calm and…

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What’s In YOUR Oregano?

How much do you trust your supermarket brand of herbs – especially that bottle of oregano that you have in your cupboard? We’ve written previously about the disturbing study conducted on various supermarket brands of this herb which showed the majority were adulterated with sumac, olive leaf, grape leaf and other impurities. One study that…

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Coming Soon! Greek Thyme

There is just no comparison to the high-quality herbs and spices found in Greece to that which we get in the supermarkets in North America – and this is especially true when you are able to find various samples and obtain the best of the best. This past season, KirIan discovered a wonderful source of…

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