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About KirIan

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2017 - An amazing year, and an amazing story! Who knew an adventure of a trip to Greece would lead to an amazing partnership between Kiriaki Iordanou of Athens, Geece and Ian Scott, a Northern Irishman living in Canada?

Upon arriving in Athens, Greece, one of the first things Ian noticed was the amazing bold taste and aroma of the native Greek Oregano, nothing like what he had tasted before. There simply was no oregano available in Canada, anything like this.

After much research, Ian discovered all he could about oregano and learned that so much of what is labelled as "oregano" in North America is low quality, adulterated, and much of it not even true oregano.

With help from Kiriaki, Ian managed to locate a great source of oregano grown in Greece and brought back several kilograms originally intended for his own use. But the story did not end there...

oregano on olive wood spoon

When Ian arrived back in Canada with the huge bag of oregano, it was hard not to brag about the amazing "stuff" he had brought back. And to be sure it really was superior to what is commonly available, Ian visited several grocery stores and bought up samples of every brand of oregano that was for sale just to make sure his senses were not tricking him.

McCormacks, (14 grams for 6.99 - expensive stuff per gram!), Club House, Generic "no-name," Great Value, Bulk Barn (don't get started on how bad this is - ever tasted dried hay?) - nothing came even close to the amazing stuff he had just brought back.

Were his taste and aroma senses deceiving him? Ian decided to send out samples to friends after bragging about this amazing oregano from Greece. Then others also asked for samples as well, and he obliged them.

The comments that kept coming back were nothing short of a "proof" that this amazing herb, grown in Greece, was far superior to what anyone had tasted.

"Got the oregano and damn it's good," wrote one of Ian's relatives. Another friend commented, "Intensely aromatic... a little goes a long way."

A client of Ian's commented, "This is the best oregano I have ever had. I could smell it as soon as it arrived through the door. The taste is full and amazing."

There were more comments and some even asked, "When are you going back to bring more of that oregano here?"

Although a deep and wonderful friendship already existed, after discussing the reactions together, Ian and Kiriaki figured there must be a business opportunity here and spent much time together in research, and the deep wonderful friendship became also a business partnership with benefits.

Our Business Comittment

Both Kiriaki and Ian recognized that there must be a business opportunity, but we both also wanted to ensure that anything we brought to Canada was nothing but the best we could get. We were not simply going to import Oregano to Canada that was "just a little bit better," but if it had our name, it had to be much superior. It's not just a "business."

It had to meet legal and environmental standards. It had to pass the "smell and taste test" of her family, native Greeks, Greek food lovers, Greek cooks, that know their oregano.

Subsequent trips to Greece were required of Ian to continue the research to find the best available oregano of the 2017 harvest season.

We're proud that after many miles of travel, many samples, many phone calls, many meetings with different Greek oregano producers, we've found the oregano that we can say is truly "KirIan," that represents the ideals we both hold.

We've even gone so far to make sure our packaging is right - environmentally friendly while also preserving the oregano within against external vapours and moisture, and keeping the great oregano characteristics inside the package - until you're ready to use it in your culinary adventures.

We're not finishing with only oregano, either. There are a number of Greek products that are truly amazing, if you get the real thing - but let's start with this oregano.

We know you will be pleased. Why not try some KirIan Oregano now?