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Posts by Kiriaki

Fish And Chips Greek Style

Too much meat lately and a Greek I know has definitely missed her fish! So, nothing better than ‘fish and chips’ for dinner tonight. In Greece we use cod but Pollock worked just fine as well! What we used: 500 gr all purpose flour (and a bit extra for frying) 500 ml water at room…

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Ground Beef Stuffed Meatloaf

You will remember this meat loaf for a loooooong time! Absolutely delicious! What we will need: For the mincemeat (ground beef): 1 kg ground beef 7 tbs oat bran 5 tbs olive oil 1 big onion, grated or chopped finely 1 big tomato, grated 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbs Kirian Greek Oregano 1 handful…

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