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Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea May Help With Menopause Symptoms

Greek Mountain Tea for menopause disturbances? We knew that this herbal tea has many known health benefits including as an anti-inflammatory for general health. But now we learn of a scientific study done on Greek mountain tea and it’s possible benefits to women going through or have already gone through menopause. Researchers in Serbia (including…

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Could Mountain Tea Help Men Trying To Quit Smoking?

While doing some research, we came across an interesting paper published last month (December 2018) in the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. The paper, entitled Dietary effects of Sideritis scardica “mountain tea” on human in vivo activities of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in healthy subjects was the result of a study done at the University of…

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Side Effects Of Greek Mountain Tea

It’s a scientific fact that Greek Mountain Tea can be more effective for some health conditions than pharmaceutical drugs! Of course, Pharmaceutics often come with side effects that can range from uncomfortable to totally unacceptable. Greek Mountain Tea has been used to remedy symptoms of colds and flu viruses, gastrointestinal issues, curing some ulcers, and…

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Greek Mountain Tea May Prevent Alzheimer’s And Improve Memory & Cognition

Many people are interested in the health benefits of drinking herbal teas or tisanes – traditional medicine frequently prescribes herbs for curing, controlling or preventing a wide variety of ailments. In Greece and in Balkan nations, Mountain Tea (in Greece, τσαι τoυ βoυνoυ – tsai tou vounou and also referred to as Sideritis) has been…

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Greek Mountain Tea – Interesting Health Benefits

Greece is home to an incredible number of plant species, many of which have been known since antiquity to have medicinal properties and have been consumed for both the pleasure of consuming and for the restorative, preventative, and health benefits. One of these species of plants that is not well-known in North America is named…

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