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Name Day – Elena (Helen) Celebration! Take 15% Off

In Greek and other Orthodoxy, many days of the year are set aside to honour specific saints. In Greece, if your name is associated with a saint, then that Saint’s day becomes your “Name Day.” For example, if your name is Vasiliki (or related names that mean Vasiliki such as Vivian, Vasilina, Vaso, Vicky, Viki),…

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One Day Only! Anniversary 50% Off Sale!

50% off?? Yes! And for one day only – Tuesday, August 14th, 2018. We’re celebrating! It’s been almost one full year since the idea of KirIan was born and we want to share our celebration with you. If you want to go and take advantage now, enter coupon code ‘1year’ (without the quotes) in the…

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Birthday Celebration Special Offer! Limited Time Free Shipping!

It’s Kiriaki’s Birthday! And we want you to celebrate her birthday with us – we’re giving you a special coupon offer for free shipping on KirIan Greek Oregano to celebrate this great day! The party doesn’t stop today, but the special offer will expire on June 10th, 2018. To take advantage of this birthday celebration,…

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Independence Day Coupon Offer

March 25th in Greece is a big celebration in Greece every year. It marks the beginning of their revolution against the Ottoman Empire in order to achieve national political independence. For almost 400 years, Greece had been ruled by the Ottomans. More on this below but first, We’re Celebrating Independence Day – Special Offer For…

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Beans & Oregano – Free Shipping Limited Time!

We have a Boston Terrier here at our office in Orangeville, and right now, he’s napping in his crate and snoring up a storm! Anyone who knows Boston Terriers know just how loud and funny their snoring can be! But he’s a great dog and his name is Beans. To celebrate Beans, we’re running a…

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