Greek Mountain Tea May Help With Menopause Symptoms

kirian greek mountain tea

Greek Mountain Tea for menopause disturbances? We knew that this herbal tea has many known health benefits including as an anti-inflammatory for general health. But now we learn of a scientific study done on Greek mountain tea and it’s possible benefits to women going through or have already gone through menopause. Researchers in Serbia (including from the Institutes of Rheumatology and Biochemistry at the University of Belgrade & Department of Rheumatology at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade) administered extract of Greek Mountain Tea to rats that had their ovaries removed. In addition to the rats that had the tea extract administered to them, there was a control group that had no tea administered.

In their paper, the researchers discuss how many women do find some benefit with estrogen replacement therapy during and after menopause, but also point to the concerns that this therapy may cause increased risks of breast and other cancers and cardiovascular disease. They wanted to test whether Greek Mountain Tea’s active ingredients could provide a natural therapy for menopausal issues.

The scientific paper which was published in January of 2019 in the journal Planta Medica describes how the researchers measured factors including food intake, weight, body composition, fasting glucose levels, oral glucose challenges, liver glycogen levels, and other measurements including AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activity
in liver cells. Activation of AMPK can have many benefits including on energy, glucose levels, and other activity.

During the study which took place over a 5 month period, the rats treated with mountain tea had significantly better test results than the untreated group. Treated rats had glucose fasting levels that were equivalent to rats that did not have their ovaries removed while the untreated rats had levels significantly higher. Similarly, mountain tea treated rats had higher liver glycogen storage levels than the untreated group. The researchers point out, “The ability of (mountain tea) extract to decrease fasting glucose levels is of great importance, considering that impaired fasting glucose is a most consistent predictor of progression to diabetes.”

Mountain Tea Effects On Cholesterol

Knowing if there is a beneficial effect for cholesterol levels is important for post-menopause. After menopause, heart disease becomes an increased factor with increased “bad cholesterol” in the blood, while good cholesterol levels often decline. In addition, this can cause high-blood pressure.

During their study, the researchers found that Greek Mountain tea had a beneficial effect on cholesterols levels with triglycerides being significantly decreased with lower lipids overall.

Study Conclusions

The researchers were very impressed with their observations of the effects of mountain tea extract on the treated post-menopausal rats. The concluded by writing,

In conclusion, ovariectomy is related to increased fatness, increased blood lipids, elevated fasting glucose levels, poor response to oral glucose challenge, lower liver glycogen content, and disturbed redox balance. Treatment with S. scardica extract decreased blood triglycerides, reduced fasting glucose levels, as well glucose peaks after the oral glucose challenge, increased liver glycogen content, and significantly induced antioxidant systems catalase and thiol groups. Pharmacological activity of S. scardica was possibly mediated through the activation of AMP-dependent protein kinase. Therefore, the multitude of positive effects on postmenopausal symptoms makes S. scardica extract a potential candidate for further study as a treatment of metabolic disturbances associated with menopause.

Greek Mountain Tea has many other well-known health benefits including having anti-inflammatory properties in addition to possibly being helpful for the prevention of Alzhiemer’s Disease and improving memory.

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