Guelph Greek Oregano Delivery

Today, we’re driving to Guelph to make a delivery of our beautiful KirIan dried Greek oregano. Look at that photo! See what a beautiful green colour that is? That is how true dried oregano should look! Most of the oregano available in grocery stores and supermarkets really is pathetic by comparison, in appearance and both aroma and taste.

But today, we’re driving to Guelph, ON which is only about a 45-minute drive for us, with KirIan Greek oregano. Someone is going to be very happy and excited when they finally receive it!

As mentioned in a previous post, we can deliver Greek Oregano to Toronto for some orders, depending on the size and our availability to do so. Now, we are also able to deliver to Guelph, Ontario. And we shall be doing that, beginning today, the first day of April, 2018.

If you are a shop or restaurant owner or chef in Guelph and would like to get your hands on the best boldest oregano, give us a call or email [email protected] and we’ll see if we can make arrangements for you. Restaurants that take pride in their menu and what they serve their customers will be especially interested in this fine spice, imported from Greece. Although Greek oregano is grown in parts of Canada, it requires limestone soil with hot dry conditions in order for Greek oregano to grow to its fullest potential, with high levels of carvacrol. And that is what we have for you!

Have a look at our “Testimonials Page” – yes they are all real people that have provided feedback to us, and we can put you in touch with them to vouch for the authenticity of the reviews. The most recent feedback we’ve received was two days ago, from former Orangeville Citizen reporter, Tabitha Wells. Tabitha wrote us to say, “I tried the oregano the other day — made a salad dressing with it. Holy smokes it was amazing! I have never tasted oregano like that. You’ve made me a believer!”

Small orders we won’t generally be able to handle for personal delivery to Guelph but there are cases when we will able to. But we’re pleased to be able to offer this service for some orders to shop owners and restauranteurs. Of course, you are also able to purchase Greek oregano online here.