Name Day – Elena (Helen) Celebration! Take 15% Off

saint helen revered in Orthodox

In Greek and other Orthodoxy, many days of the year are set aside to honour specific saints. In Greece, if your name is associated with a saint, then that Saint’s day becomes your “Name Day.”

For example, if your name is Vasiliki (or related names that mean Vasiliki such as Vivian, Vasilina, Vaso, Vicky, Viki), then your “Name Day” is January 1st. In Greece, a name day is almost as important as your birthday. Your closest friends will call you on your name day, inviting you out or wanting to celebrate in some way and often gifts are given to the name day person.

May 21st is the name day for anyone named Helen which also includes the names Elena, Elene, Ellen, Eleni, Lena, Eleanor, Eleonora, Eleonor, Nora, Marilena in honour of St. Helen, pictured above.

This day will be a special day in Kiriaki’s family, as both her mother and her niece are named Eleni, and we want to celebrate along with the entire Iordanou family! Between now and midnight May 21st, we’re giving you the gift of 15% off your order (not including postage/shipping)! All you have to do is visit our online shop and select the products you want then when you check out, enter the following in the Coupon Code Box:


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Kiriaki’s mom, Eleni, was very helpful to us when we were searching for the best Greek oregano that we could source and willingly endured blind taste tests along with other family members and friends. And Kiriaki’s niece, Eleni? She’s just a real sweetheart. So, Eleni’s name day is a special day for us here at KirIan.

Eleni (Mom of course, not niece) also helped with the rest of our products as well and we relied on her for her own opinion of the best quality Thyme, Mediterranean Bay Leaves, and Greek Mountain Tea. By the way, you might want to find out about the fascinating health benefits that science is now discovering about Greek Mountain Tea and why you might want to drink a cup every day. It’s been proven to be a fantastic anti-inflammatory, may help prevent Alzheimers and aid with memory, and there is also evidence it could relieve postmenopausal symptoms.

While there was no need for family opinion on our saffron from Greece (it’s produced with guaranteed quality through the Greek Saffron Co-op), you still should consider this amazing high-quality saffron (we have limited quantities left, so hurry!).

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