Testimonials & Recommendations

We love getting the great feedback on KirIan Greek oregano! Here's a few samples of what people have said.

One thing we'd like to point out is that we've upgraded the packaging to include a high-quality vapour and moisture barrier. One local shop said they could not carry our product unless it was packaged in such a way that the oregano aroma didn't take over all the other scents in the store! So, you likely won't smell the oregano when it arrives (like others have said), but you will when you open the package! See what others have said:

Ian has found a source for gourmet seasonings. I don’t know if it is the varieties or where it was grown but I suspect a lot of the better fragrance and taste comes from smaller production and direct importation.

Whatever the cause, these are a premium product that would be appreciated by any foodie.

~ David Farrell, KirIan Herbs Review

"This soup also provided an opportunity to sow praise on the pure and authentic Greek dried oregano that I received as a sample from KirIan Goods. I am hooked. As soon as you open the resealable bag that will keeps your herb fresh, you will notice the difference. The aroma is so unique, and since the oregano has arrived, I have been including oregano in virtually everything lately. The oregano that I have purchased at local stores is stale and bland by comparison. The bold flavor means you won't need as much to add flair to whatever dish you add it to, so it will last longer.

...was smitten by their product after I received a sample."

~ Lisa's Kitchen - Vegetarian Cooking

"I shared some of my recently purchased KirIan Greek Oregano with a friend recently. I wasn’t really that surprised at his overwhelming enthusiasm for the aroma and quality of your oregano since he’s a prolific home chef and knows quality when he sees it.

He was very impressed with the freshness and unique flavour of this product. He is now a total convert to KirIan Greek oregano!"
~Paul M, Georgetown ON (April 13th, 2018)

"As a food blogger and organic gardener, one of the things I value most is good, healthy, pure food. The freshness of this oregano is unmatched by anything I've ever bought at a grocery store. You can smell the bright aroma even before opening the package - and the flavor? Absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this oregano!"
~ Felicia Slattery, Communication Expert

"I tried the oregano the other day -- made a salad dressing with it. Holy smokes it was amazing! I have never tasted oregano like that. You've made me a believer!"
~ Tabitha Wells, Orangeville ON

"This product is so fresh and the scent is fantastic, imported directly from Greece. You won't find better than this. Give it a try, you will LOVE IT."
~Trina Ward Mischler, Montreal, Quebec

"I finally got a chance to try a bit of the oregano. Wow, it really is distinctive and nothing like what is available here."
~Lisa Turner, London, Ontario

"I love this stuff...you've made me a lover of oregano !"
~Julie Baumlisbeger, Grand Valley, Ontario

This oregano really is better than what they call oregano in the grocery store. Powerful scent and amazing taste! Put them side by side and breathe in and you'll know what I mean. The store bought stuff tastes like cardboard in comparison.
~Andrew Scott, Guelph, Ontario

"This is the best oregano I have ever had! I could smell it as soon as it arrived through the door. The taste is full and amazing."
~Paul M, Georgetown, Ontario