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Testimonials & Recommendations

We love getting the great feedback on KirIan Greek oregano! Here's a few samples of what people have said.

One thing we'd like to point out is that we've upgraded the packaging to include a high-quality vapour and moisture barrier. One local shop said they could not carry our product unless it was packaged in such a way that the oregano aroma didn't take over all the other scents in the store! So, you likely won't smell the oregano when it arrives (like others have said), but you will when you open the package! See what others have said:

"As a food blogger and organic gardener, one of the things I value most is good, healthy, pure food. The freshness of this oregano is unmatched by anything I've ever bought at a grocery store. You can smell the bright aroma even before opening the package - and the flavor? Absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this oregano!"
~ Felicia Slattery, Communication Expert

This oregano really is better than what they call oregano in the grocery store. Powerful scent and amazing taste! Put them side by side and breathe in and you'll know what I mean. The store bought stuff tastes like cardboard in comparison.
~Andrew Scott, Guelph, Ontario

"This is the best oregano I have ever had! I could smell it as soon as it arrived through the door. The taste is full and amazing."
~Paul M, Georgetown, Ontario