Wholesale Inquiries

KirIan has made arrangements with select retailers to carry our brand of oregano, 100% grown and produced in Greece, in their shops for retail sale.

We are picky about who carries our brand of tested pure Greek Oregano, but if you are interested, we would invite an application from you.

Our products are not stored in warehouses and are purchased for freshness, and from the most recent harvest. We would rather run out of product and have nothing to sell than stock up and sell old product to our customers.

With this in mind, quantities are limited, but we also promise our partners a good margin. We also support our partners with education about oregano in general and facts about why our oregano is superior to that generally available in North America.

Restaurant Owners/Chefs

We haven't forgotten about you either! If you're interested in "spicing" up your culinary creations with pure, full and bold flavoured Greek Oregano, contact us for rates on bulk purchases.

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