KirIan Greek Oregano - The Difference

kirian dried greek oregano

Oregano Quality - Let Your Senses Guide You

Forget about the fact that our Greek Oregano has been lab tested.

Forget about the fact that we spent days and days driving around Greece to find the best oregano that we could. Sampling the harvest of different producers. Taste and smell testing.

Forget about the fact that when we brought back samples to Canada and sent them out to get second opinions, the testimonials we received were nothing short of amazing.

Forget about the fact that we were told, over and over, "Bring back more of that amazing oregano!"

How can you tell that KirIan Geek Oregano is a superb high-quality herb that will make a difference in your kitchen?

Let your senses guide you:

Oregano Appearance

Look at our oregano. It's green. High quality dried oregano should be green. Not brown. Green is a sign that there is life in the leaf. The life of the health-giving compounds and oils. Green is a sign that the flavour exists.

Don't you just want to take a deep sniff of that oregano? You can - when you open the package and we'll get to that soon...

Look again at the oregano. It's dried leaf that has only been slightly crushed and has not turned to powder. It has not been ground up.

Don't buy "ground oregano." It's horrible. If you're looking for taste, ground oregano is the last thing you should buy. When you grind it into a fine powder or dust, you are exposing more surface area for the essential compounds of the herb to escape.

It is true that if you have high quality dried oregano leaf, crushing it between your fingers may have some culinary benefits for some dishes, as long as you are doing the crushing right before you add the herb. But having it pre-ground - months and maybe even years before you use it? Waste of money.

Oregano Scent And Aroma

Go ahead. Open that bottle of oregano that you purchased at the supermarket - and then open a package of KirIan Greek Oregano. Your nose will tell you right away that KirIan oregano is far superior, hasn't been stored in warehouses for months and months, and the essential ingredients to a wonderful oregano taste experience have not dissipated into the air.

That was a common comment from people we sent samples to - about how great the aroma was. One of our samplers even commented that he could smell the oregano in his house, as soon as the mail carrier put the envelope through his door mail slot!

Oregano Flavour

Even though there are numerous health benefits attributed to increased consumption of oregano, it's the flavour you are interested in the most, right?

Well, do a taste test. Get some KirIan oregano and compare the flavour to what you buy in the store. Take a few dried leaves of your supermarket brand, and chew on them. Notice the taste.

Get a glass of water, and then take a few dried leaves of KirIan Greek Oregano and chew on those. Notice the EXPERIENCE!

You are not just simply tasting oregano - you are experiencing it fully, on your tongue and in your mouth. Likely, you will still be experiencing the spicy and lightly peppery undertones of the essential oils in your mouth, five minutes or more later.

We asked some of the samplers to try this themselves and they were amazed at the difference! We are sure you will be too, and that is why we are offering a 30 day money back satisfaction return policy.

Greek Oregano Purity

How pure is the oregano you purchase?

Do you know that recent lab tests have shown that many of the so-called "premium" and supermarket brands in North America, Europe and Australia are adulterated with olive leaf and sumac? One study conducted at Queen's University in Belfast discovered that in some cases, packages of oregano were adulterated by up to 70%!

KirIan Greek Oregano is pure oregano, unadulterated, and you will know when you let your senses be your guide.

Go Ahead And Try

Try either our 20 gram or 60 gram package and see for yourself. If you're not satisfied, send us back the unused portion within 30 days and we'll fully refund your money.