Greek Mountain Tea – 50 Grams (Mt Taygetos)


Certified Organic (GR-BIO-08)

Our Greek Mountain Tea is organically (certified) grown in the Taygetos Mountain Range near the village of Arna. We selected this tea due to the organic farming methods used to grow and harvest it after meeting with the producer and comparing his tea to others that were available.

With a delightful scent and taste, you will love this tea and its subtle citrus notes – but in addition, Greek Mountain Tea is known for its very high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value and Greek tradition has it that this tea will cure almost whatever ails you! Putting aside Greek tradition, Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis) has been scientifically shown to contain high levels of antioxidants and compounds that have proven anti-inflammatory gastroprotective activities and therefore may have beneficial effects for a wide variety of common ailments.

Health reasons aside, this tea is a delight to drink, either hot or cold. Add a little honey, and you’ll be wanting a second cup when you’ve finished the first!

See below for more information and brewing instructions.

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Please note that the weight shown on the “Additional Information” tab is shipping weight including packaging – the actual weight of tea is 50 Grams.

How To Make Greek Mountain Tea

Ask ten people how to brew Greek Mountain Tea, and you might get ten different answers! Our preferred way is to take a very small handful – what fits in the palm of your hand – of the tea (dried flowers, stem, leaves and all) – around 3 grams – and put in a small pot. Add about 10 ounces of water and bring to a boil. Allow to boil for five minutes.

Remove from the heat and steep for another five minutes. Strain your tea into a cup or a mug. Add a touch of honey, and enjoy! Approximately 2 ounces of water will have evaporated and you should have about 8 ounces left.

You can also make Greek Mountain Tea as above, and then refrigerate it for a refreshing and thirst quenching cold beverage.

It is also possible to re-brew your tea one more time – before discarding it. The second cup might not have the same levels of anti-oxidants as your first cup, but you’ll be amazed at how much flavour remains in the second brew!

Uses & Benefits Of Greek Mountain Tea

Sideritis, also known as “Shepherd’s Tea” and “Ironwort” in Greece and surrounding nations for thousands of years. Traditionally, it’s the first thing you’re offered in Greece when you feel a “cold” or cough beginning to form, and many swear that consuming it at the onset of cold symptoms will provide almost immediate relief while shortening the duration of the illness.

The scientific evidence suggests that with a high flavenoid content as well as diterpenoid, Greek Mountain Tea does have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties – thus giving much credence to the traditional claims as a “panacea.”

KirIan Greek Mountain Tea

Like all of our products, we spent a great deal of time and travel to find the best quality Greek Mountain Tea that we could, to bring to you. It was a memorable adventure for us, traveling for hours and finally driving up the mountain slopes on very narrow roads at night time, to meet with the producer of this tea before agreeing that we wanted his tea for KirIan’s product line. A very kind and friendly producer who obviously took great pride in his work!

Our tea is broken for ease of packaging and shipping and comes in an extremely high vapour and moisture proof package (like our 60 Gram Greek Oregano package) to ensure it’s freshness when it arrives in your kitchen.

Those who have tried it have adored the scent and loved the taste! We’re sure you will as well, and we’re keen to hear if it has helped you feel better if you’ve used it to see if it could help relieve symptoms of colds, flu, and coughs.

Scientifically Known Health Benefits Of Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea May Prevent Alzheimer’s And Improve Memory & Cognition

Greek Mountain Tea – Interesting Health Benefits

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