Frequently Asked Questions About KirIan Greek Oregano

"Frequently" is a subjective word - but FAQ's are the best we can come up with to answer some questions that we have received. You might have one or some, or may even all of the same questions, so we thought we'd list what we've been asked and answer them here. Feel free to contact us if you have a question not answered here!

Is KirIan Dried Greek Oregano Really The Best?

Yes! We can promise you that unless you've been to Greece, or have somehow had a quality Greek oregano shipped to you from Greece, our Greek oregano truly will be better than anything you buy at a local grocery store or supermarket and you've not experienced anything like what we have.

We're putting our name on that as well, by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return the unused portion in the original packaging along with a copy of your original invoice/sales order/receipt, and we will promptly refund you.

Why Is KirIan Dried Greek Oregano So Good?

There are a few reasons for that. True "oregano" comes from Greece. The word "oregano" comes from the Greek word, "Rigani." In Greek, that is closely translated to English as "Brilliance Of The Mountains."

Our oregano is pure Greek oregano, grown in Greece. Other spices labeled as "oregano" are often common marjoram, which is in the oregano family and not the same as "sweet marjoram."

Is It True That Some Oreganos We Buy Are Adulterated With Other Stuff?

It is true. Several research papers have examined many brand name bottles found in supermarkets and grocery stores and have found them to be adulterated by as much as 70% with sumac and olive leaf.

Our oregano is pure and lab-tested in Athens, Greece.

What Is It That Makes Oregano A "Higher Quality?"

Great question! And we've read just about every peer-reviewed paper in the literature to find out this answer. There are several factors:

  1. Researchers agree that Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare hirtum) is the gold standard of oregano. See that last bit? The hirtum is what says it is GREEK oregano, originating in Greece. Other spices labeled as oregano are in the same family, but they are not Origanum vulgare hirtum.
  2. There are many healthy compounds in Greek oregano, one of which is carvacrol. Carvacrol is what gives oregano it's unique "oregano-y" taste and aroma. There are two major environmental conditions for the highest carvacrol levels:
    • Limestone soil
    • A Dry hot growing season.Those two conditions together, according to scientific research is what lends to having the highest quality Greek oregano.

Greek oregano seems to thrive and produces the highest quality flowers, leaves and stems when subjected to harsh growing conditions.

Can I Grow My Own Greek Oregano?

Yes! You can! But you need to remember a couple of things:

Many seeds labeled "Greek Oregano" are not Origanum vulgare hirtum but are some other variety within the Origanum family, such as common marjoram. If you plant oregano, and it has purple or pink flowers, you can be sure it is not true Greek oregano. However, we do know of a seed outlet in Ontario, Canada that does sell true Origanum vulgare hirtum seeds.

Secondly, while you can grow a decent Greek oregano in North America, please remember what we discussed above: The highest quality Greek oregano requires two main conditions to thrive and produce high-quality carvacrol and other healthy compounds: Limestone soil along with dry hot conditions. Those two conditions together appear to be "synergistic" for oregano to be of the highest quality.

Your Greek oregano, grown in North America, may thrive as in almost taking over your garden like a weed, but if it does not have both limestone soil and hot dry growing season, it will not have the highest quality aroma, taste, and healthy compounds.

I Can Buy Oregano At That "Bulk" Food Place A Lot Cheaper

Yeah, you can.. if it's really oregano. We're not sure what it is, actually. There is something at that place that is really cheap and labeled "Oregano." I picked some up for a laugh and took it to Greece with me to see the reaction!

"That's not oregano! That's hay! Don't use that!"

If that's the oregano you are used to, we feel sorry for you. Our KirIan Greek oregano will really blow you away.

But if you want to do a true price comparison, the top brand in the grocery store is about 7.00 for 14 grams. Really, we don't know why, if you like oregano, you'd only buy 14 grams. But that's the amount that comes in their bottle. That's 50 cents a gram, and if you order it online, the glass bottle adds extra weight to the shipping costs.

Our smallest package is 20 grams and is 9.49 Canadian. That's 47 cents a gram.

And we guarantee that this is a product that is far superior to that "top brand" sold in grocery stores.

You'll know when you smell and taste it.

If you're satisfied with a product that "kinda sorta" resembles oregano, then truly, our product is not for you.

If you're looking for bold brilliance that you can taste and smell, then yes... we have what you want. And it's pure, and it's been grown in Greece, in limestone soil, in hot dry conditions.

Chew some. You'll be tasting the essential oils on your tongue five minutes later. It will linger, like a pure high quality oregano should.

What Should I Use KirIan Greek Oregano With?

Oh my gosh! We'd like to say, "Everything!" The ancient Greeks did not call it "the brilliance of the mountans" for nothing! It adds brilliance to lots of things!

Sprinkle it liberally on your salads. Have it with eggs. Add extra to spagghetti sauce. Have it ready to add to your pizza. Use it with all meats that you prepare.

In fact, there is scientific evidence that if you rub high quality Greek oregano into the meat you are cooking, the oregano prevents the cancer causing compounds that form when cooking meat. For extra special protection and flavour, make a rub consisting of fresh ground pepper, oregano and olive oil.

Of course, with Kirian Greek oregano, you're getting oregano with the highest quality of antioxidant compounds possible, as we went and did our research.

Okay, But Why

Because we love oregano. Because we loved the freshness of all the spices that could be found in Greece - not all are great, and we discarded those that were not great and focussed on the best - and our friends told us, "This is amazing! Bring more back if you can!"

So we did !

And you will love it too. It's a gurantee.... which leads us to the next question...

Those Testimonials, Are They Fake?

NO! In fact, we did not even ask for them. We got emails and phone calls, and then we asked, "can we use that on our website?"

If you want confirmation, we can probably work that out. But, what we really want is for you to tell us what you think, and then we'll ask, "Can we use that on our website?"

Our Greek oregano is not from Turkey, it is not from India, and it is pure and unadulterated. When you open the package, you will know right away, that it is special, it is pure, it is sent with love and sent for your enjoyment. It is from Greece, from limestone soil, and harsh growing conditions, where philosophers walked and talked, and discussed love - agape, eros, philia and storge.

Whatever word you use, you will love Kirian Greek oregano.