Beans & Oregano – Free Shipping Limited Time!

beans boston terrier special
We have a Boston Terrier here at our office in Orangeville, and right now, he’s napping in his crate and snoring up a storm! Anyone who knows Boston Terriers know just how loud and funny their snoring can be!

But he’s a great dog and his name is Beans. To celebrate Beans, we’re running a special offer that ends March 7th, 2018. Order either the 20 Gram or 60 Gram packages of Kirian Greek Oregano, and we’ll give you free shipping if you enter “beans” in the coupon field on the checkout page!

But hurry – this ends March 7th! Go ahead and celebrate Beans with us, and take advantage of this special offer.  Again, the coupon code is beans – all lower case.

Don’t forget – this is real 100% Greek Oregano that packs a powerful punch in both aroma and taste! We spent many miles traveling through Greece to bring back the best that we could find! The testimonials speak for themselves!