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Oregano Facts

What’s In YOUR Oregano?

How much do you trust your supermarket brand of herbs – especially that bottle of oregano that you have in your cupboard? We’ve written previously about the disturbing study conducted on various supermarket brands of this herb which showed the majority were adulterated with sumac, olive leaf, grape leaf and other impurities. One study that…

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Oregano Rub On Meat Reduces Cancer Causing Compounds When Cooking

When the warmer months arrive in North America, you can usually smell the wonderful odors of people enjoying the weather and the outdoors with their barbecues and cooking their foods outdoors. For many of us, there is nothing much better than grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken and other meats on the barbecue whether it be charcoal…

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Why You Should Be Careful About Purchasing Wild Greek Oregano

Many businesses, perhaps unaware, or with misleading labeling, are selling products labeled as “Wild Greek Oregano” or “Wild Mountain Grown Greek Oregano.” There are some misconceptions about where the best quality Greek oregano is grown and many have the impression that wild oregano is somehow better than certified grown oregano. Studies have shown that oregano…

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How Do YOU Pronounce Oregano?

We’ve heard the word pronounced a couple of different ways. Depending on where are in the world, you might get a funny look if you pronounce the way that it is not usually pronounced in that region. For example, in North America, the word is generally pronounced with a slight emphasis or stress on the…

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We Know Oregano

Many of you new to KirIan might be wondering, “Okay, why should I buy your oregano?” and that’s a good question! We might be asking the same thing, or, we might just go ahead and spend 12.50 (including postage) to find out if the claims are true. Those of you who have already sampled our…

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