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Archive for February 2019

Thyme: Properties, Traditional Health Benefits & Suggested Uses

This article contains many interesting medicinal uses for thyme that have gleaned through research as well as from traditional and ancient medical books, and claims made by those who have used thyme to treat a variety of conditions. We have not verified the claims, although some of them we believe are effective. However, it is…

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Bay Leaf: Therapeutic Actions And Ways Of Use

Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Magnoliids Order: Laurales Family: Lauraceae Genus: Laurus Species: Laurus nobilis Laurel, Bay leaf or Δάφνη (Daphne) in Greek, is a multi-year evergreen shrub found in the Mediterranean countries and in Asia. It prefers wet locations and requires rich soil, plenty of sun and wind protection. We will meet this shrub…

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Saffron (Or Crocus): 8 Proven Health Benefits

Saffron (or Crocus), known in Greece as Krokos Kozanis, has been used to treat more than 90 diseases for over 4,000 years. Below are just 8 reasons why you should use saffron more often. According to Mythology, when the gods of Zeus and Hera made love, the earth filled with flowering crocuses.  Although crocus sativus…

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Herbs And Spices : The Legendary Blends

The secrets and recipes of the most famous spice blends. They transform a simple dish into a stimulation of the senses culinary delight. Sophisticated formulations, combining masterful flavors of spices, to create even more beautiful ones. Join us on a trip to the fairy world of blends and let them seduce you. “God created the…

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Pasticcio You Will Love!

Pasticcio! The word is Italian and means ‘mess’ 🙂 Greeks love mess though and anything yummy tasting! A favourite Sunday dish and a beloved treat! There are many ways to prepare it. Fast and easy, long and tasty, with spinach or not, with cinnamon or not, with nutmeg or not… Here we’ll show you an…

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Penne With Sea Food Mix

Traditional Greek cuisine is an example of the Mediterranean diet. Many of the country’s dietary habits are derived from the Greek Orthodox dietary requirements, which require abstaining from all animal products and fish (but not seafood without blood) at several times of the year (which in total amount to almost half a year). As a…

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