How Do YOU Pronounce Oregano?

We’ve heard the word pronounced a couple of different ways. Depending on where are in the world, you might get a funny look if you pronounce the way that it is not usually pronounced in that region.

For example, in North America, the word is generally pronounced with a slight emphasis or stress on the second syllable. In addition, the syllable containing the letter re are usually pronounced like “ray.” This might be more clear if we write o-ray-ga-no.

In other parts of the English speaking world such as the UK, the stress or emphasis is usually on the third syllable containing the letters “ga.” In addition, the letter “a” after the r is pronounced as soft or short vowel a, as in the word “ah.”

A possible way of describing this in written notation would be “or-ah-ga-no.”

In Greece, oregano is translated as “ρίγανη,” which using the English alphabet, would appear like “rígani.” But you should also keep in mind that the letter “i” always sounds like a hard or long vowel e sound. To pronounce it correctly in Greek then, would be like “re-ga-ne.”

We don’t really care how you pronounce it! We just want you to find out how good 100% pure, unadulterated Greek oregano is! Once you try it, you’ll never go back to other oreganos.

We received a new testimonial today:

“I finally got a chance to try a bit of the oregano. Wow, it really is distinctive and nothing like what is available here.”
~Lisa Turner, London, Ontario

We keep hearing these kinds of things every day!

Now, we’re not really sure how Ms Turner pronounces oregano but we know that she recognizes how good it is!

IF you call us up to order and pronounce it o-ray-ge-no or or-ah-ga-no, or even like the Greeks, re-ga-ne, we won’t laugh or look at you strangely. Unless you’re joking with us about the pronunciation.

But however you choose to pronounce it, we promise you that KirIan Greek oregano will probably be the best oregano you’ve ever had. Unless you’ve been to Greece, of course!