Coming Soon! Greek Thyme

There is just no comparison to the high-quality herbs and spices found in Greece to that which we get in the supermarkets in North America – and this is especially true when you are able to find various samples and obtain the best of the best.

This past season, KirIan discovered a wonderful source of dried thyme in Greece, and it was a no-brainer to add it to our already high-quality Greek oregano. Our thyme, although not quite as robust in scent as our Greek oregano, (thyme naturally is not as strong), it does have a much bolder aroma and taste than what you will find in the grocery store.

Presently, we are just working on the packaging, but we anticipate that it will be available in 20 gram packages, similar to our smaller oregano size.

Thyme is also known to have many health benefits, some very similar to the health benefits of oregano. Very soon in the future, we’ll publish new articles discussing recent scientific research into thyme (the primary compound that gives the flavour and health benefits is called “thymol”) and how regular consumption as a herbal addition to your food may provide healthy benefits.

Although we do not have the commercial packaging at this time, some of our customers have asked if there was any possible way we could get them some – and the answer to that is, “Yes we can!” While it is not yet available for online ordering, it is possible that we can send out 20 gram lots in sturdy and strong ziplock resealable clear bags. Although our packaging like this will be fairly basic, we can also provide you with a small discount before the official packaging arrives.

And while it may not make for a great Christmas gift presented this way, it will still add a LOT of flavour to any dish that calls for thyme as an ingredient.

If you’d like to order some thyme in advance of when it will be available on the website, just send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll make arrangements for payment and shipping directly with you.

Are you still not convinced that KirIan offers gourmet quality herbs and spices? Well, we got in touch with David Farrell, a well-known TV cooking show personality in the Kootenays, British Columbia, to ask his opinion. He promised he would provide an honest opinion and review – and we would have to be ready for that honesty including the fact that if he did not like, he would say so.

Our confidence in our products meant that we were pretty certain David would find our products to be of the highest quality!

What do you think David may have discovered? Well, go have a look at this review and see for yourself here.

Then come on back and stock up – and yes, don’t forget, our Greek oregano and Greek saffron make great stocking stuffers for the culinary chef on your gift list!