Compounds In Greek Oregano Inhibit Food Mold Growth

You may already have read about some of the proven and amazing health benefits of Greek oregano (Greek considered to be the highest quality), including its use as an antioxidant, as a preventative for kidney stones, a treatment and preventative against lung cancer, and can even improve digestion.

Most of the health benefits that have been discovered are contributed to the compound carvacrol which exists in highest quantities in true Greek oregano. Carvacrol is what gives high-quality oregano that sensation of warmth as well as the bold aroma. Poor quality oregano does not have the same bold flavour and aroma that you will immediately detect in KirIan Greek oregano.

Now, if the above health benefits are not astounding already, a recent paper was published in FEMS Microbiology Letters describing a study that involved testing the efficacy of Greek oregano compounds against molds that are common in some foods and cause food waste. Researchers tested against the Penicillium verrucosum and Aspergillus westerdijkiae strains of food-borne molds.

It’s important to note that the exact species of oregano used was true Greek oregano, O. vulgare L. subsp. hirtum, the same subspecies that KirIan has imported from Greece. This sub-species of oregano is held to be of the highest quality of all oregano species and is not commonly available in North American supermarkets. In addition, it’s been known that many of the popular branded oreganos that are available have been adulterated with olive and sumac leaf, and are not even pure oregano of any sub-species.

The researchers, who are from Microbiology and Food Hygiene, Department of Food Sciences, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach, Germany, discovered that carvacrol is a potent inhibitor of food-borne molds. One of the amazing findings was that not only does it have high potency against the molds, the potency may even be higher than some synthetic mold inhibitors presently being used in commercial food production!

Greek Oregano’s Protective Benefits Have Been Known For Ages

Today, researchers are learning about the many health benefits of Greek oregano through study using the modern scientific method. However, Mediterranean peoples have known for thousands of years of the efficacy of oregano in protecting food. In 2007, a paper was published in the Journal of Archeological Science describing how the contents of vessels found in a shipwreck dating back 2,300 years ago were identified using DNA testing. Many of the vessels contained both olive oil and oregano – which in some parts of Greece today is still practiced – adding oregano to olive oil in order to protect the oil from degradation and ensuring a longer “shelf life.”

Of course, the Ancient Greeks were aware of the many health benefits and qualities of Greek oregano and has been used in that part of the world as an anti-septic and ancient Greek doctors including Hippocrates and Maimonides prescribed oregano for a variety of ailments including respiratory issues, digestive difficulties, and more.

Truly, pure Greek oregano is an amazing herb that not only provides a bold flavor boost to salads, salad dressings, meats, eggs and other foods, but regular consumption and use can have many health benefits as well!

In order to be sure of oregano that has the culinary benefits of bold taste and aroma as well as the vast health benefits, you need to be sure you are purchasing pure GREEK oregano, O. vulgare L. subsp. hirtum, like that sold and distributed by KirIan. Try it! You’ll be amazed by the taste and aroma that true Greek oregano imparts, and like our other regular customers, will probably never buy a supermarket brand of oregano again.