Who Exactly Is Behind KirIan Greek Oregano?

Kiriaki and ian
Trust. It’s a big issue in this digital age. So many products, so many claims… who to believe? How about a little peak behind the KirIan name, and see who is responsible for this new brand? And how it all came to be?

We’re not a big corporation. We’re not something new that is just going to disappear. We are two real people that have a love of food, a love of great taste, and a genuine deep love for each other.

Let’s find out who is behind KirIan!

Let’s start with the Lady.. ladies first… and of course, beauty before age:

Kiriaki Iordanou

Kiriaki presently resides in a suburb of Athens. Ian is working on that, so that maybe someday, she’ll also call some part of or a suburb of Orangeville, ON, “home” in addition to Athens. She’s European. She loves fashion. She’s an entrepreneur in her own right, having battled against the recent Greek economic crisis and at heart, she’s a rebel to authoritarianism. Living in Greece is not easy, but Kiriaki won’t give up. She loves Greece, the Tastes of Greece, and is very proud of what her country can produce.

She knows how to cook, and she knows quality as well. She cooks, when she needs to and has many other interests as well. You might find her driving along the crazy streets of Athens with both hands on the wheel, paying attention, but also singing out loud!

She despises low-quality stuff – whether it’s food, clothing, or people. She believes in living to the fullest, no matter what life throws at you. Considering the economic issues that have occurred in Greece, she’s a stand up for a great example of “fighting through” things and being “the best you can be,” no matter the circumstances.

She’s also beautiful. And her standards are so high, that she demanded that whatever Ian decided on, met her standards. There was no way she would put her name or even part of her name, on a product that was not the best.

Ian Scott

Ian is a Canadian Citizen, but born in Northern Ireland. He’s not sure half the time if he is Irish, Scot/Irish, Norn Irish, or Canadian. But that’s okay; he gets to take the best from all worlds! And definitely, there is a lot to take from that Scot/Irish culture. He’s a bit more conservative in some ways, than Kiriaki, but .. he’s learning 🙂 His hair his now four times as long as it has been in 25 years. Because Kiriaki says so. That is the way it should be.

And when your Ian, meeting Kiraki, and you know she wants the absolute best, you do what she says! And that is the perfection of KirIan.. that you are guaranteed.

Ian brings to the partnership, his own ideals… that old “That’s more Protestant looking” work ethic from his dad and granda. Okay, there is some badness in there as well.. Roman Catholic work ethic is equally as good… but nevertheless, it’s about a strong work ethic, and doing only your best.

For almost 15 years, he worked in a field of “Social Policing” and then got into web development. But.. he really loves spending time in the kitchen, and using amazing herbs and spices. When he went to Greece in the autumn of 2017, he realized, “Wow! The oregano.. the thyme.. everything here REALLY DOES taste better!”

Ian went on a mission to bring you the Best that could be found. With Kiriaki’s great bilingualism in both English and Greek, and her and her family’s knowledge and expectations, the quest was on to find the best Greek Oregano out of all the harvests in 2017. To bring to you.

What is behind KirIan is two real people that have a zest for life, love to laugh and smile, love music, and love quality great tasting food! We’re not a big corporation, but we believe in what we are delivering. Every time we send a package of our product to someone, and then open an email that begins with “Wow!….. the best” we are so happy! Because, that is what we really did.. of course this is a business, but.. we wanted to bring nothing but the BEST to you!

That is what KirIan is. Two people, doing their best, enjoying laughs, music and great food! Enjoying each other, teasing each other, with winks in the eyes.. but when it comes down to taste and aroma.. the boldness.. we celebrate that together.

Part of our logo is a heart. It denotes passion for what we do, how we feel, and we want to bring to you.

Our name is taken from our names that people call us. Kir is from Kiriaki. Ian is from .. well.. Ian! KirIan. Two people out to find the best.. and with our names together, we promise you it IS the best!

If it is not the best, we just simply won’t have it.

Aren’t sure yet? Okay – we have a money back guarantee. And if you don’t think it is the best, we’ll let Mrs. Iordanous, Kiriaki’s mom, that you don’t think so. Please send us something that you think is better!

We know if you have something better, Mrs. Iordano would probably love to know about it! So would we!

There are two main people behind KirIan – but there’s others as well… those who we got feed back from, and those back in Greece who did blind taste and smell tastes, and gave us their opinion.

Real people who all love real taste.

Find out for yourself. Find out what your Greek salad is missing. Find out what your pizza is missing. Find out what anything you want a bold taste of oregano, is missing. Compare. We promise you it is the best you will get.

And that is two people standing behind this, two real people. Kiriaki is beatiful, Ian .. well.. his auld mug is not so good anymore, but he knows quality.

Try it yourself.

We are KirIan, and it is the best.
We’re not a corporate committee. We traveled miles and miles to get this oregano. Our stipulations were that it had to be.. legal, sustainable, and amazing to taste and smell.

Our brand is KirIan. With a heart. To get you the best. We put our heart into it.