Greek Fire Tragedy – We’re Going To Help

The news from Greece is just horrible. In fires that were most likely caused by arson, over 80 people have been killed (and possibly more not yet found), while entire villages have been destroyed. It is hard to fathom the destruction that has occurred. As I speak with Kiriaki who is in Greece at this time, I know she is with very very heavy heart along with the rest of the Greek population as they see what is occurring on local media outlets.

We’re not going to report the news; its available elsewhere (in English, for example, here and here). Have a look and try to understand this devastation and the amount of help that is needed.

The Hellenic (Greek) Red Cross has made an appeal for help.

We’re going to help including donating 50% of all sales over the next week to the Hellenic Red Cross.

The people of Greece have suffered an enormous amount of pain in recent times including a financial crisis and a humanitarian crisis as the nation is often the first stop for refugees fleeing other places. Now today, they must deal with this horrible tragedy.

Over the next week (we may extend this), 50% of all KirIan sales will be donated to the Hellenic Red Cross. Please also consider your own donation as well (Hellenic Red Cross Bank Account Information Here).