Greek Oregano Tisane (Tea)

oregano tea tisane


As we learn more and more about the health benefits of various herbs and spices, many people have taken to regularly drinking “teas” from a variety of herbs. Technically, herbal teas are misnamed and are more correctly called “tisanes.” Tea is a plant on its own that we might regularly prepare a beverage from, such as green tea or orange pekoe – both are from the same plant but prepared differently.

In North America, we now often refer to herbal tisanes as herbal teas because the process is similar to making “tea” from tea leaves: They are infused and steeped in boiling or almost boiling water for some amount of time before the resulting hot liquid is consumed.

Greek oregano tisane has been consumed for centuries in Greece, both as a preventative and a curative for many maladies. Science is discovering that the ancient Greeks had some things figured out when it comes to Greek oregano. We now know that compounds in this wonderful herb may be helpful for:

  • Easing symptoms of cold & flu
  • Easing symptoms of difficult breathing
  • Prevention and even treatment of some cancers including lung and prostate
  • Easing of menstrual pain symptoms
  • Digestive issues
  • Prevention of and treatment for kidney stones
  • Relief from arthritic pain and symptoms
  • And much more!

Greek Oregano Tea – Why Drink It In Addition To Eating The Herb?

It’s a good question, and some people wonder if there are any advantages to drinking a herbal tisane or tea over eating the herb.  And indeed, there can by advantages. This does not mean you should forsake using herbs in your food, but adding herbal tisanes like Greek oregano to your regular diet can have health benefits.

Heating In Water Causes New Compounds To Form in Greek Oregano

When you heat herbs like Greek Oregano in boiling water, this can help new healthy compounds form that cooking alone might not cause. According to Robert Rister, author of Healing without Medication, “The action of heating herbs together in water creates new compounds that form when chemicals are leached out of the herbs into the tea. There are other compounds that are only released with heat.

Greek Oregano’s Compounds May Be More Digestible and Concentrated When Taken As A Tisane

While eating the dried or fresh herb is certainly healthy, and regular consumption of Greek oregano offers many health benefits, drinking as a tisane may, however, make those compounds more readily available to the body. When steeped in hot water, and sipped on an empty stomach (at least an hour after meals), the digestive system has less work to do to get the healthy compounds and chemicals in Greek oregano right to work.

In addition, the compounds that are found in Greek oregano are more concentrated than if you were to eat a meal, perhaps prepared with a total of half a teaspoon of dried oregano (often the amount called for in many dishes).

The ancient Greeks that knew the healing power of oregano would make use of it in both ways, steeped in a hot tisane, and also liberally added to food for flavour, taste and health benefits.

How To Make Oregano Tisane (Tea)

  1. Bring enough water to fill a normal sized mug to a boil.
  2. Add a heaping tablespoon of dried KirIan Greek Oregano (you’ll love the potency and robust aroma of the KirIan brand of Greek oregano.
  3. Allow to simmer for at least five minutes.
  4. If the taste is too strong for you, feel free to add honey to sweeten.

It’s very simple to make!

Some people that have breathing issues report that within half an hour, they can feel their chest and lungs loosen up and breathing becomes much easier after sipping their Greek oregano tisane. We don’t know if you’ll find the same benefits so quickly, but why not give it a try? Be sure that the Greek oregano that you use is of high quality, pure and is not a brand that has been adulterated with sumac and olive leaf. Those two ingredients will not harm you, but they certainly won’t have the same effects as pure unadulterated Greek oregano.

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