Greek Vacation Tickles Taste Buds & Launches International Partnership


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Greek Vacation Tickles Taste Buds & Launches International Partnership

Pure Greek Oregano Shipped From Orangeville, ON Gives Big Flavour Hit To Canadian Food

– Orangeville, Ontario, February 28, 2018

When Ian Scott of Orangeville, Ontario visited Greece in September of 2017, he had no idea that the trip would generate a new business idea that could give friends, associates and others a “true taste of Greece.” Before his trip, many had told him, “The food just tastes better there.” Indeed it did, and Scott realized that the oregano, ubiquitous to Greek dishes, might be the key.

“I discovered that true Greek Oregano had a bold taste and aroma that I’ve never had with any oregano I’ve purchased in Canada,” Scott said. “The oregano in Greece was so amazing, that I brought back several kilos meant for personal use. But then I provided small samples to others who were curious, and the reaction was nothing short of amazing.”

The original purpose of Ian Scott’s trip was to spend a long-needed vacation with a dear friend who resides in Athens, Greece. The autumn vacation however, resulted in subsequent trips back to Greece with a business idea that has now grown into a business partnership named KirIan, founded by Kiriaki Iordanou and Ian Scott.

Ms Iordanou and Scott traveled through many parts of Greece to find the highest quality oregano, sampling many different producers’ best of the 2017 harvest.

“We managed to narrow down our favourite samples and then recruited Ms Iordanou’s family and friends to blind ‘taste and smell testing’ sessions to be certain that we’d import to Canada only the best we could find. Of course, it was a huge advantage as well to do business in Greece and to have the assistance and help of Greek-speaking friends,” KirIan partner Scott said. “None of the producers had much English, and none use email. I am so thankful to the entire Iordanou family for their support in this venture.”

After some months of planning, research, and package design, KirIan Greek Oregano is finally available for sale. “It’s been an exciting process,” Ms Iordanou reported while visiting Orangeville, Canada. “To be visiting this country during the time we are able to launch the product is wonderful!”

The fact that KirIan imported oregano has been officially lab analyzed by The Food Allergens Laboratory (Greece) cannot be understated. While there are some who claim to be importing “wild” oregano, harvesting wild herbs for commercial use is illegal in Greece. Consumers of such products are contributing to serious soil erosion problems and over-harvesting of wild mountain oregano.

“It was really important to us to ensure our product was the best available on the commercial market, and procured from producers who use only environmentally sustainable practices,” Ian Scott said. “Our products will always be of the highest quality and produced in a way that does not damage the environment. In addition to the wonderful taste and aroma, it is also important to us to have a product that is pure. So many of the oregano brands available in stores have been proven to be adulterated with other non-oregano material.”

True “Greek Oregano” (Origanum vulgare hirtum) is also a different sub-species of oregano than most sold in North America. Much of the supply here comes from Turkey and some are actually “common marjoram (not to be confused with “sweet marjoram).” While in the same family, these do not have the same bold flavour and aroma punch as Origanum vulgare hirtum.

“I loved hearing the testimonials first hand from those who have received our oregano samples while I have been visiting here,” Kiriaki Iordanou said. “Yes, the taste and aroma is the proof that oregano from my country really can add a big flavour hit to Canadian cuisine. And now, Canadians can have the closest thing to a real Greek Salad without having to visit Greece! We’ll have to work on that Canadian ‘feta’ though,” Kiriaki smiled.

Kirian Oregano is available online at and will also be available through selected retailers.


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