Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Tomato & Greek Oregano

grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and oregano

In many homes and even restaurants, the classic “grilled cheese sandwich” is often on the lunch menu. In our homes, it’s also a snack to chase away the little belly rumbles that can occur at any time of the day.

We put a little twist on ours though, that improves the standard grilled cheese and really makes it sparkle! We’re pretty sure that most people know how to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and if you don’t, you should learn! But because most people that we know of, do know how, we won’t provide full instructions but instead, general guidelines.

One of the things that makes ours so great is that it’s made with homemade bread. At least a couple of times a week, we’ve got a loaf of “no-knead bread baked, and this loaf makes an awesome grilled cheese! So we start with that. We also use real butter. You could try also as a butter substitute, a thin spread of Greek olive oil on the outsides of the slices, that you will be grilling on.

But one thing for certain: No Margarine!

Quick Ingredient List For Grilled Cheese With Tomato & Greek Oregano

Two slices of bread
Sliced or shredded cheese
Salt & Pepper to desired taste
KirIan Greek oregano to desired taste (we like a generous amount)

Preparing the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Heat up a griddle or frying pan on the stove top. We prefer to use a flat round cast iron pan. On our stove, the best setting is a bit lower than medium temperature.
Thinly butter the outsides of the slices of bread.
Turn slice of bread over.
Lay down thinly sliced (or shredded) cheese on the bread slice.
Lay slices of tomato on top of the cheese.
Sprinkle tomato with salt, ground black pepper and KirIan Greek oregano
Lay down additional thinly sliced (or shredded) cheese on top of the tomato.
Cover with the other slice of bread, buttered side out.

Grill each side of your sandwich until the slice of bread is a toasty brown color and the first layer of cheese has melted.
Turn over, and grill the other side the same way.

Enjoy an awesome grilled cheese sandwich!