How You Can Use Saffron

greek saffron filaments
Some have asked us how they would use saffron – this delightful and exquisite herb that comes from the crocus (crocus sativa) flower.

Saffron has a very strong aroma that reminds you of honey in a way, in a spicy and slightly bitter sense. You can use it to give natural color in cheese cream, pasta, risotto, dishes with seafood, sauce, chicken, fish soups, lamb, potatoes, legumes, and also brioche, cakes and even ice cream!

Crocus will be useful to you as a very fine aroma and will also give another texture to your food! The quantity needed is different between recipes. You have to be extra careful with the dosage in order to be fully satisfied with your results. Most commonly is used after being soaked or dissolved (if ground into powder) in water. You soak some filaments in water at least for one hour before you use it. A rule of thumb is 10-12 filaments in a cup of water.

A beverage of Kozani’s Crocus (Saffron from Greece) can only be amazing in both taste and health benefits sense. 10-12 filaments is enough for a cup of tea. Don’t forget that the filaments need soaking before use!

Prepare a cup of Greek Mountain Tea or any tea of your choice, add the filaments and allow them to soak for 10 mins. Or in a cup of warm water add 10-12 filaments and let them soak overnight. In the morning, strain and enjoy a very special beverage in room temperature. You can also add a bit of honey for extra sweetness.

Experiment with saffron in your baking. In Sweden and other parts of Europe, sweet buns are baked that include saffron and are eaten during celebrations. Today however, these buns often have a dye added to enhance the color of the buns. You could also bake bread with saffron – soak about 15 saffron threads or filaments for every pound or half kilogram of flour overnight in water, and use the water for your dough.

Add a pinch of saffron to your morning coffee!

Add some magic to your days! Add our Krocus of Kozani saffron!