Now Sending To Ireland & The UK!

ireland and uk flags

After a very serious inquiry from a UK Citizen in England about KirIan Greek oregano, we’ve decided to open up our shopping cart to shipping addresses in both the UK and Ireland!

There were several reasons for not doing this in the first place including:

  1. Wanting to make sure we had everything in order and learning more about shipping in general to North American destinations.
  2. We assumed that the postage would be prohibitive so there would be no point in sending across the ocean.

On the first point, we’ve got that figured out and are managing well. For small orders of one or two items, there’s a flat fee of 3.00 for postage and handling to Canadian addresses as we can fit that into an oversized letter envelope. Larger orders will be shipped at the “small parcel” rate that Canada Post provides.

On the second, we realized that posting our Greek oregano to Ireland or the UK was not going to be prohibitively expensive. There are of course, more economical ways to purchase – posting either the 20 gram package or the 60 gram will cost the same: $6.00 Canadian.

Two packages of the 60 gram Greek oregano will need to be sent small parcel airmail but again, the price is not bad considering it’s only around 11.00 Canadian.

Another big reason for making this decision to open our e-shop doors to the UK and Ireland was hearing the complaint, “the oregano available in the stores here is of such poor quality!” Well, we know what that is like, and if we can help out with UK and Irish foodies that love high-quality Greek oregano, we’ll find a way to do that!

So if you’re living in the United Kingdom or Ireland and have been pining for a bold tasting aroma with a wonderful aroma, now’s your chance to fulfill that desire! As mentioned, for economy sake, we’d highly recommend the 60-gram package. The packaging of our 60-gram product comes with a very strong vapour and moisture barrier to help keep the oregano fresher for a greater length of time.

Of course, if you’d like to start with a smaller amount, we’ll still ship over to you the 20-gram package, which you can find here.

Kaliorexi to Ireland & the United Kingdom!