Happy New Year 2019!

kali chronia - greek happy new year!

Kali Chronia! Happy New Year from us at KirIan.

It’s been an amazing first year for us, and we’re so thankful to our customers and friends who have believed in us and once they have tasted our products, know that we intend to deliver to you only the finest and highest quality herbs and spices.

Although the idea for KirIan began in late 2017, it was in 2018 that we finally were able to get our first product – our pure Greek Oregano – launched. It was an exciting time as Kiriaki was visiting Canada for her first visit, our packaging was ready, the website had some upgrades from being an “announcement” page to a fully fledged e-commerce website.

And the reviews… all those wonderful reviews of our oregano started to flow in! When the idea of importing Greek oregano into Canada first came up, Ian was pretty sure that most people, once they were able to smell and taste real pure oregano from Greece, they would love it! The fact is that much of the oregano that is sold in North American supermarkets is not even true oregano at all was another reason for bringing this amazing herb from Greece to Canada.

Then, we added more products – including Greek Saffron, Thyme and Bay Leaves, then finally in December of 2018, a wonderful Greek Mountain Tea! All who have tried it have commented on how delightful it tastes – never mind the health benefits of regular consumption!

So as 2018 ended, Kiriaki and Ian were together, to bring in the New Year of 2019, and we both are thankful for the past year and are looking forward to more great things in 2019.

We also wish you and yours an amazing year ahead (and beyond)! May you see great things, enjoy wonderful foods along with good health.

Kali Chronia! Happy New Year!

Kiriaki & Ian